Legal Cannabis Delivered to You!

Legal Cannabis Delivered to You!

Simply let us know where to meet you

Of course we will always welcome you to visit and explore our NYC Subway-themed dispensary, with knowledgeable staff and ready to answer all your questions, however, we know that sometimes you wish to simplify your life and have your cannabis brought to you!

Maybe it is raining or snowing; or maybe it is just cold and windy; or maybe you are just too tired; or don’t have time to visit the dispensary. 

You can count on NYCBUD’s Same-Day-Delivery to simplify your life! 

With our intuitive and simple-to-use App, you are always just a few clicks away from getting your favorite products and our latest additions brought to you in a jiffy.  

A friendly and knowledgeable NYCBUD “Delivery Conductor” will gladly meet you with your items at location of your choice. Simply show your State ID and receive your order seamlessly. 

Gotta love convenience! 


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