What You Should Expect of a Budtender?

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What You Should Expect of a Budtender?

A Knowledgeable Personal Guide

A Budtender is a lot more than just a dispensary employee or a gateway to obtaining cannabis. A Budtender is your resource in finding a product that is most optimal for you. At NYCBUD, all of our Budtenders go through a thorough training program which incorporates the latest scientific research and covers a wide range of topics so that when you have questions, they have evidence-based answers.

Here are some examples of questions you may wish to ask:

“Based on my desired effect, what products do you recommend for me?”

“What should I expect if I try an edible for the first time?”

“Which terpenes are more likely to make me relax and which may uplift me?”

“What are all the available methods of cannabis consumption?

“What is the difference between smoking and vaping?”

“Could you please explain to me what the Endocannabinoid System is?”

“What potential side effects may I encounter?” 

“What advice would you give me to ensure a positive experience?”

There are no bad questions so please don’t be shy to ask. You will find our Budtender’s answers to be informative and enlightening. 


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